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About Viliks

Just more than a year ago, some geeky people became beguiled by the idea of providing common people with the power of video to help them discover the world in an innovative manner. While there are lots of ways to capture videos, we realized there is a paucity of simple video editing platforms to create extraordinary videos. A picture can be worth a thousand words, but it takes something more to take the experience to a different level, and that’s a stunning video.

At Viliks, we believe that a video should not only make the lives of the viewers easier but of the creators too. So, we decided to come up with something unique, something that makes the creation of stunning videos a piece of cake.

Made by video enthusiasts for video enthusiasts, the video editing platform of Viliks follows only one simple yet impactful objective – making the art of creating outstanding videos incredibly simple and refreshingly different.

In a relatively short span of time, Viliks has gained incredible popularity and become one of the prominent names in the realm of video editing platform providers. We have known for redefining the way stunning videos are created.

At Viliks, everything is powered by three core principles: technology, simplicity, and innovation. We understand that watching a video is fundamentally a pure act of consumption. When viewers watch a particular video, they are looking to experience something new and our video editing platform lets the creators address exactly that without overlooking the fundamental principles of good videography.

Our Story

The old adage considers a picture being worth a thousand words and Forrester Research says one minute of video watching is worth 1.8 million words. At Viliks, we offer this power of video to you. Even a few years back, creating high-quality videos from scratch was not only an uphill task but needed a lot of money too and thus, was simply out of reach from startups or small businesses.

With Viliks, you can create stunning, professional videos in minutes to simply make your message irresistible, regardless of your skills and budget. Our video editing platform would open up a new world of creating incredible video stories while making sure that technology, cost, and complexity can never stop you.

With our video editing platform, Viliks has made the lives of its thousands of users – from small and large businesses to students and teachers to friends and families, and more – easier than never before. Viliks has given them the power to create stunning videos that inspire and form ever-lasting memories.

Regardless of the objective of your video, with Viliks on your side, you can create every type of video – from explainers, social media videos, advertisements, promotions, or simply anything you can think of. Today, thousands of people across the globe are using our platform to create engaging videos consistently.

At Viliks, we believe that engaging your audience should be as simple as creating a beautiful video and creating a stunning video should never be harder than creating a simple PowerPoint presentation.

Our Mission

At Viliks, we strongly believe that there is a simpler and better way to do video creation. A less invasive, more valuable way where the hearts of the viewers are won instead of bought. Our entire team is obsessively passionate about it and holds the mission of helping people achieve it. That’s why we focus on the simplicity of video creation. We understand it’s one of the least focused aspects of great video creation. We’re excited to simplify the entire process of video creation for everyone through our software.

Our platform focuses on helping people create videos that deliver timelessness: experiences which are compelling immediately but engaging endurably. By embracing the true power of a stunning video while taking the ubiquity of video watching into account, Viliks aims to help users create experiences tailored to the intricacies of the subject.

Our main objective is to push the boundaries by properly understanding where they lie and that’s exactly where we excel. We offer a perfect blend of creative chops and business sense to provide viewers with what matters the most – the experience. And the team of Viliks is dedicated to spending each and every day doing it by sharpening the tools and technologies of the digital trade.

The entire culture of Viliks solely depends on four pillars – simplicity, authenticity, drive, and innovation.

Our Values

At Viliks, we strongly believe that healthy work culture can only be driven by collaboration, transparency, respect, and direct feedback. We simply have no place for office politics, disrespect, or discrimination of any kind. As we’re simply obsessed with communicating clearly with the users of our platform, we follow the same practice within our organization as well.

We don’t like to follow traditional, well-defined processes. Instead, we love iterative improvements for making our platform even simpler and more useful for the users. We also believe that the success of any company should be measured by the value it creates for its users. That’s why our only objective is making the platform nothing but the best.

Core values of Viliks are dependent on four fundamental pillars: performance-driven, continuous improvement, team-centered, and respectful and honorable. Despite being a relatively new company in the field, it’s our business model that helps us stand out of other similar service providers. Our team may consist of people from varied specialized backgrounds, we all speak a common language – the language of exceptional performance. We spend each day at the office striving to implement our inborn passion for it.

We strive to make our platform able to deliver efficiency based on only one factor – the top-notch quality of services coupled with incredible simplicity. We aren’t just a video content production platform that executes some other brand’s vision, instead, we brainstorm insightful strategies deep-rooted in the digital space and user behavior to make the platform superior. And that’s why the experiences offered by our platform truly reflect the distinctive quality of our brand.

Who We Are?

Every day, each member of Viliks walks into the office with one objective – making the video creation process better, simpler, and innovative. Our team is a fine combination of doers and dreamers who prove that the two aren’t exclusive mutually. We are insanely dedicated to our work and are the happiest when we see the number of people using our platform is skyrocketing.

The entire credit for the huge success of Viliks goes to our multi-talented, amazing team. Without them, Viliks would be a part of the league of ‘jack of all trades’. Each of our team members comes with own specialties. Everybody who walks through the door has an appreciation for simplicity and innovation. They share a common modus operandi of blending utility seamlessly with simplicity.

As our team members belong to different professions and different specialized backgrounds, the team ensures that our platform also caters to everyone. So, you can be a small business owner, photographer, musician, entrepreneur, student or anyone else, our platform offers all the features and tools that you may ever need to create a stunning video.

Our team may consist of varied creative minds – from designers and developers to creators and artists, each of them believes that the true privilege of going the extra mile to come up with one of the most sought-after video editing platforms is the extra effort itself. Our team follows a simple, iterative process – learn, iterate, and launch – to come up with simple yet innovative and useful features for the platform.

Meet Our Team

Enes SEN


Ismail UNAL




Furkan KILIC


Huseyin KOCA





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